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Matt Seifert

Matt's passion for construction started at an early age. Working as a laborer for his family's log yard and construction company allowed him to gain experience and hone his skillset as a tradesman. During those years, he learned the value of hard work and was able to observe what running a successful and honest business looks like. Matt's love for home renovation has only grown since purchasing a 1907 PDX farmhouse in 2016 with his wife.  After renovating each room one by one, including gutting the bathrooms and kitchen, adding custom wood work throughout, and adding a primary en-suite bathroom, he's had his hands in every square inch of his home. He then started doing renovations for other friends and clients, and after realizing his talent and passion, took the leap and is renovating homes full time as a licensed and bonded general contractor.


Allie Seifert

Allie has been a licensed Real Estate Broker with Windermere Realty Trust since 2017. Working with hundreds of clients over five years all across Portland and its surrounding suburbs, she has toured every type of home the city has to offer. With the competitive nature of the Portland housing market, many of Allie's clients have bought homes that need updating, making her keenly aware of how difficult it is to find quality contractors with good communication and availability. As both businesses often overlap, Allie is running the operations and scheduling for Dolph Construction, in addition to her own real estate business.



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